A well-stocked wasteland workshop

If Santa and his elves survived the apocalypse, they would do very well for themselves in an outpost like this, built by Tony Toy. Without a landscape to define its locale, it would be equally at home on the edge of a toxic ocean, or the top of a rugged mountain peak. Besides a number of industrial details like an abundance of pipes going here and there, a tower crane for servicing what could be a submersible, or a drone, and a machine shop for working on a well armored truck, there is a thoughtful inclusion of alternate colored plates and bricks to lend a well-weathered look to the walls. I also like the way that Tony has crafted modules with subtly curved ridges to give the outpost a stacked, cobbled together look.


I couldn’t help but notice the sign with Tony’s initials on the back of the base. The bright colors combine with muted tans and browns to create a consistent visual style.


Tony’s armored truck shares a color scheme with the larger workshop, looking for all the world like a mutated scientific research vehicle. Either way, it looks ready for an adventure!