A consular ship, on a diplomatic mission

For a spaceship whose screen time is brief, the Tantive IV occupies a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans — probably because everyone remembers that first moment of A New Hope as the ship thunders overhead, pursued by the formidable heft of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Tino Poutiainen has put together a detailed LEGO version of this famous spaceship, with every signature element in place, from the hammerhead barrel-shaped cockpit through to the red striping and the midship comms array.

Tantive IV

The model is half a meter long and apparently separates into two sections for easy transport despite its beefy 2kg. Much of that weight must be in the rear section — an impressive recreation of the corvette’s multiple engines…

Tantive IV engine block

2 comments on “A consular ship, on a diplomatic mission

  1. Scott Roys

    Geeez, where were you guys when Mortesv came out with his version a few years to compliment his fabulous Nebulon Frigate? This model appears to be very similar and I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t the inspiration for.

  2. Rod Post author

    Sorry Scott but I totally disagree with you. Whilst Morten’s model is beautiful, I don’t think this version of the Tantive IV in any way “rips it off” (which is the implication of your comment). This is a great model in its own right which employs very different building techniques. The only commonality between them is the inspiration from the original spacecraft design!

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