A sailor’s paradise

What better way to relive that perfect holiday than to recreate it in LEGO! Paul Trach has the right idea, building this stunning Dufour 520 Grand Large yacht bobbing on an azure Caribbean sea. The gradients of blue, created by layering trans-blue tiles over suitably selected black and grey plates, evoke the Antiguan paradise perfectly.

Island Time

The yacth is a beauty too, sleek and elegant, and filled with accurate nautical details. Check out its beautifully laid timber deck, splendidly precise sail and rigging, and plate thin hull. All that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy the scene.

Island Time

3 comments on “A sailor’s paradise

  1. Purple Dave

    If three islands exist that close to each other, would a fixed-keel sailing yacht actually be able to approach that close to one of them from within the cluster? I kinda feel like it should be heeled over after running aground. The 520 draws just over 7.5′, which based on the placement of those islands is at least twice as much as I’d expect you could safely navigate through the center, much less snug right up against one of them.

    Now, the boatbuilder I worked for in high school had a Mackinac boat that he built himself and sailed in the North Channel. He was able to take that places that were devoid of human life because his boat had a centerboard (a less robust keel that pivots up into the hull so you can safely beach the boat), and only drew 1.5′ when it was pulled up. To put that into perspective, any place that the 520 can safely navigate, I could stand upright on the bottom and that Mackinac boat could sail right over my head.

  2. David

    Purpledave: who cares? Acting likeca pedantic know it all on a post highlighting someone else’s creativity just makes you look like an ass. I’m most people you know are already aware of that.

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