Red resilient rescuers ready to respond, react and recover

If you take your LEGO city build and public services seriously, these are the unsung city rescue heroes you need. Steven Asbury has some serious skills that bring these vehicles to life, consisting of a rescue boat that sits four minifigures towed by a truck, along with a proper fire truck ready to pump out some high-pressured H20 to show who’s the boss around here.

Dive Rescue

I think what makes these rescue vehicles quite pleasing to the eye is not only the use of a hot-rod red color scheme but also the clever usage of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) building technique in these tiny builds, giving them a clean look.

Dive Rescue

The other feature that stands out is the use of the classic minifigure face in in flesh tones, which is quite rarely used for minifigs these days.

Truck 3