A humble village containing a luxurious treasure

This charming little village is the home of an exotic mineral. At first glance you wouldn’t notice that this is where pearling is done. But as you look closer, you begin to see the story told by builder Ayrlego. As villagers go about their day, two women sit in the top corner, opening the clamshells.

Native Pearling Village - Main

The rockwork and landscaping are nice, as well as the angles of the buildings, and the little scenes are simple but clever and cute. My favorite part is actually the fish racks at the bottom, using pirate hooks to hang them up for drying.

Native Pearling Village - Drying fish

Like this build? Ayrlego is a great storyteller, and we’ve covered several other creations that are even better! You’ll find the beauty in the fine details of this jaguar sighting, these navy barracks, and this research center.

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  1. Purple Dave

    I just read about a Filipino fisherman who, on the advice of his aunt, turned in a pearl he collected ten years ago. His anchor caught on a giant clam, and when he swam down to free it, he spotted the pearl. He’s had it under his bed for the last ten years because he didn’t think it was worth anything. It weighs 75 pounds. The current recognized record-holder for largest non-cultured pearl weighs about 14.2 pounds.

    I told one of my coworkers about this, and said that after wrestling a 75 pound pearl back up to his boat, the fisherman must have been knackered. He didn’t get it.

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