LEGO Frozen BrickHeadz 41617: Elsa and 41618: Anna and Olaf [Review]

Disney’s Frozen joins the growing ranks of pop-culture BrickHeadz now available from LEGO. 41617 Elsa is available by herself, along with 41618 Anna and Olaf, who come in a buddy pack. Elsa comes with 130 pieces, and retails for $9.99, while her sister Anna and her childhood friend Olaf come with 201 pieces, and retail for $14.99. They are numbered 52, 53 and 54 in the BrickHeadz series and both sets are available now.

Packaging & instructions

As is typical for a solo character, Elsa comes with 2 unnumbered bags, along with a loose 6×6 black plate and 1 instruction booklet.

The first surprise for me was that Elsa’s hair comes in light yellow. And like other BrickHeadz with long hair, there are a lot of slopes and tiles in this newer color, as well as many plates and 1 of the new 1×1 brackets. Elsa’s cape is made with light teal, so there are several parts in this less common color as well. The only printed element on this set is the 1×4 brick printed with the top of Elsa’s dress pattern.

Anna and Olaf come with 3 unnumbered bags and 1 instruction booklet.

There are lots of elements in dark orange for Anna’s hair, and in magenta for her cloak. This set comes with 5 of the newer 1x1x5/3 bricks with 2 studs that first showed up in the Ninjago City modular set.

The build

Elsa differs from the standard BrickHeadz body template to accommodate her dress and cloak, and she features a single long braid draped over her left shoulder. I quite liked the finished effect, despite the fact that it fixed her left hand in place. This prevents posing the model with her hand outstretched, which I’m sure some fans will take issue with, understandably (though they should probably let it go).

Anna is the fourth BrickHeadz model to feature dark orange hair, following up Black Widow, Beast, and, recently Ron Weasley. Anna also provides us with freckles printed on a 1×4 tile that I wish had been included in the official Go Brick Me set.

Like her older sister, Anna also breaks the standard to allow for her signature cloak and two braids to attach. Anna will have a difficult time building a snowman since, even worse than her sister, both hands are fixed in place.

One of Anna’s most distinct features is her twin braids draped over each shoulder. I was very impressed by the way the braid was achieved by simply facing two 1×1 quarter tiles along their curved sides.

In my opinion, the clear hero of these two sets is the lovable snowman, Olaf. His $5 contribution to the $15 buddy pack makes him one of the best values for unique parts, including two of the “espresso handles” in brown, along with two of the 1×2 rounded plate with hollow studs in white, and three of the 1x2x5/3 bricks mentioned above. There are also several nicely printed elements, including a 1×3 plate, which was uncommon to find printed prior to the Unikitty theme.

Olaf is a great example of how the BrickHeadz design style can be scaled down without losing any of its charm. One other great detail was the inclusion of a tiny pink brain at the center of Olaf’s head, to match the 2×2 pink brink included in every BrickHeadz model.

The finished models

I rather like the finished models of all three characters, and while the hair design–aside from the braids–is a bit underwhelming compared to some previous BrickHeadz characters like Gamora, Wonder Woman, and Hermione, I do think the models are a decent reflection of their on-screen inspirations. And as I mentioned before, I think that Olaf is the most enjoyable character of the three.




Conclusions & recommendation

Despite the fact that the finished models are restricted in their poseability compared to some other BrickHeadz characters, I would strongly recommend these sets simply on the basis of their unique parts in so many new colors. But if you are a fan of Frozen, then these sets would make a great addition to your collection.

41617: Elsa is available now from LEGO Shop Online (USD 9.99 | CAD 12.99 | GBP 9.99) and from third-party sellers on, eBay, BrickLink, and elsewhere.

41618: Anna & Olaf is available now from LEGO shop Online (USD 14.99 | CAD 17.99 | GBP 14.99) and from third-party sellers on, eBay, BrickLink, and elsewhere.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick copies of these sets for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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  1. Ben

    I like Elsa the best. Her hair is just really good and accurate to the movie. Anna is cool (pun intended) but Olaf looks n bit weird. I think it’s the 1×1 rile with half rounded corners that used for the cheeks. It makes his head look flat and more wide. It should have been taller (he had an oval shaped head in the movie) the it is wide. Still a cool addition to a brickheadz collection.

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