Honey, I shrunk the Exo Suit!

If you take the time to reflect on LEGO news in 2014, you might remember the hotly anticipated LEGO Ideas release of Peter Reid’s Classic Space-themed set 21109 Exo Suit. Builder [E]ddy Plu took his shrink ray and cranked out this pint-sized version of a modern classic, and the icing on the cake is that it seats a microfigure from the discontinued LEGO games series. These particular figures originally appeared in the game 3842 Lunar Command. His build is instantly recognizable and incredibly cute.

Micro Lego Exo Suit (21109)

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  1. Purple Dave

    I know that Peter suggested that, since all of the original five colors were revealed to represent job classes (kind of like Star Trek uniforms), green should represent mech pilots, but I disagree. There have been several official Classic Space mechs that came out long before green CS minifigs, and they were piloted by a range of different color uniforms. However, based on the teaser video, it seems clear that the two green CS minifigs are on a salvage operation, and salvage is not covered by the job/color scheme that was revealed.

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