Harbinger of the Hunt

This strange being, titled the Harbinger of the Hunt by its builder, rockmonster 2000, paints a haunting figure standing astride the intersection of nature and doom. Appearing to perhaps draw a bit of inspiration from the Witcher 3’s portrayal of a mythological leshen, the horns and digitigrade legs give an eery animalistic style, while being made of simple elements. The oddly shaped head, made from a Hero Factory head turned on end, houses vertical eyes which give this creature a biomechanical look that only serves to make it more uncanny. A final detail not to be missed is the fallen leaves on the podium, made with Friends stars.

Harbinger of the Hunt

4 comments on “Harbinger of the Hunt

  1. Rockmonster2000

    Thank you for the feature! The Bio-Cup is one of the best Bionicle competitions around, and I’m glad it gave me the opportunity to make this moc :)

  2. Andrew

    @Q: Your comments are bordering on the obsessive. ;-) TBB highlights great MOCs. Yes, the Bio-Cup has produced a number of great MOCs, and we’ve featured many of them, but mentioning the contest or build challenge that every MOC we feature was created for would get incredibly tedious for our readers. It’s really up to the builders to ensure that they make sure to share why they built something, and I’m not sure there’s a lot of value in leaving comments like this on every single Bionicle MOC we feature…

  3. Q

    I haven’t commented the same thing on every bionicle MOC recently posted on TBB, just the cup related MOCs. In hindsight, since the contest was mentioned on Sergei’s gorgeous Eagle, this mention might’ve been too much.

    I can understand why mentioning every contest could be tedious for readers, but I’d also think that its important for a blog with a reputation like TBB to mention contests and build challenges to provide context to the MOCs they’ve featured and/or provide viewers with an opportunity to see more. One could say that there’s no reason to leave a comment on every MOC, but there’s also no guarantee that viewers are going to check every single MOC posted on the blog either.

    Ultimately the point of my comment spree was to give people an idea of why there were so many Constraction MOCs being featured in such a short timeframe on TBB (since it seems that TBB generally focuses more on system MOCs), although I definitely could’ve been more clear about that.

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