Dare you face the giant lord in his Profaned Capital?

One of the more interesting video games in terms of story recently has been the Dark Souls series with its subtle lore. Revan New has created this visually impressive diorama of the Profaned Capital from Dark Souls 3 with hardly any description, save for it being inspired by said videogame. With imposing pillars and arches set in a rocky environment, this is definetely one of the most memorable areas of the game.

Profaned Capital

The first things you’ll notice about this creation are the huge pillars and the statues at the top of the throne room. All the masonry detail is just amazing and there is a lot of it to discover. It is surrounded by very well-constructed rocks, built mostly using wedge slope pieces. The colours add a lot to the scene too; not only are they muted by selection of colours themselves, the photo itself is either shot or digitally edited to additionally reduce colour saturation and set a gloomy mood.

Yhorm the Giant

Yhorm the Giant and his throne are very good too, and the burnt bodies surrounding them are just creepy. My favourite thing about the throne is its slight tilt, making it look even more decrepit and ancient.