A well-planned house for a big LEGO family

Everyone can build a LEGO house, but what about a thoroughly planned one? aukbricks shares an outstanding project of a cottage featuring both a brilliant exterior and fully furnished rooms. Because of the dimensions of the LEGO bricks, building interiors in minifigure scale can be pretty challenging, but this house boasts a lot of pieces of furniture that don’t look bulky or weird.

Family house

The way the inner space is planned makes me want to live in a place like this one. And even though this creation does not include any minifigures, I love how we can imagine a big family spending an evening in this house — having a dinner, playing video games, or chilling on the patio by the pool.

Family house

And, of course, each room is a little gem itself. Make sure to examine every corner, as there are a lot of lovely small details that are so easy to miss.

Family house interior

5 comments on “A well-planned house for a big LEGO family

  1. Bob

    Really well done. That said, there needs to be another restroom for the other bedrooms and guests to use. As modeled, everyone has to pass through the master suite to get to the only restroom in the house. Maybe shorten the laundry room so a vestibule could be added, allowing for the doorway to a second restroom behind the laundry? Otherwise, this model is phenomenal…

  2. Xavier

    It feel a little bit like a “Perfect Ikea House” but it really look nice and it’s very well done (minus the missing second bathroom).

    I really like the small details, like the laundry or the Lego box in the bedroom.

  3. Frigmous

    Bob – there’s a half bath under the loft. The door is next to the entry door to the house. It took me a while to notice it too, since the overhead shot only shows the loft. But it’s in the individual rooms.

    That still means anyone who wants to bathe has to go through the master, but guests can still use the facilities and wash their hands…

  4. GJBricks

    The perfect house, but that’s what LEGO is all about. I do like how it’s a modular by the room. And how each room is furnished and consistent in style.

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