Pop-Up Book beats 6 other projects to become the next LEGO Ideas sets [News]

LEGO has announced today that Pop-Up Book project by Jason Allemann and Grant Davis will be the next set in the LEGO Ideas line. This project was selected from a pool of 7 ideas that had gathered 10,000 supporters by January 8, 2018. The project was originally submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform on August 25, 2016, so it took the project a little more than a year to gather support of 10.000 fans. Pricing and availability for this set are yet to be announced. The LEGO Ideas Blog interviewed Jason and Grant back in April 2018, where they talked about the inspiration and the challenges they faced creating the model.

With this announcement Jason Allemann becomes the second LEGO fan to have two projects approved by the LEGO Ideas team and released as retail sets. His first masterpiece — 21305 Maze — hit store shelves in April, 2016.

You can see all 7 projects below.

12 comments on “Pop-Up Book beats 6 other projects to become the next LEGO Ideas sets [News]

  1. JenO

    I’m surprised about the dive shop, but I actually really like this pop-up book. Will be interested to see how the actual build goes.

  2. Jorge

    Ugh, they always choose the least interesting builds. This is a huge disappointment. Light house, boat house, dive shop, and Christmas story house are all MUCH better options.

  3. irscorner

    Jason is actually the second person to have two Ideas sets… Alatariel did Research Institute (21110) and Big Bang Theory (21302)

  4. Jim

    I stopped reading your site because you always spoil the Lego Ideas announcements in your headlines. Just checked back to see if you’d changed. It seems not. Check how brickset handled this. “LEGO Ideas Review Results” and the results after the break.

  5. Alexander Post author

    @irscorner — thanks and fixed! Somehow missed it…

    @Jim — we chose to share news, not to create clickbait headlines. All candidates have been known since January, and we can’t think of a single reason we want our readers make extra clicks just to learn the winner.

  6. help me out

    @Jim, I’m at a loss as to what is getting spoiled. This is news, not a movie you have yet to see. It’s kind of like asking The New York times to write headlines like “Something happened in the Middle East today, click here to find out what it was”

  7. Purple Dave


    The Fishing Store got approved. Any further submissions that feel like it’s turned into a full theme will be declined per the rules. Alatariel’s Research Institute 2 got rejected for the same reason. Minecraft, BttF, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and Adventure Time all got more sets, but only the first of each theme was released under the Ideas banner, and none of the rest involved an Ideas submission (there’s debate about the Firehouse, but there’s not much you could do to make it look drastically different without making it look completely wrong).

    Personally, I would have preferred the boat shop over the fishing store, but that ship has sunk.

  8. Havok211

    I wasn’t really too thrilled with any of the possible choices in this last group

  9. Matt

    Re: spoiling the results of the Ideas reviews. It is definitely low level spoilage, but some people want to watch the video as intended to see what was chosen. When every site says the winner and then links the video it makes that hard. I come to the site regardless – it doesn’t seem like clickbait to say “new ideas review results released – here is the link to the video or scroll down to see the winner”

  10. Purple Dave


    I actually would have been thrilled with a Christmas Story House. It’s tied with Muppets Christmas Carol for my favorite actual Christmas movie (some movies, like Hook, indicate that they take place at or around Christmas, but don’t really focus on it).

  11. Maxzilla

    I do applaud the ingenuity of the pop up book. However, I’m very disappointed that Lego has not chosen any of the three fishing village theme sets as well. In my opinion they are the most interesting and well designed modular buildings since the Haunted House.

    Please Lego, if your reading this; We absolutely need and deserve these fishing village sets to be made into a spin-off series all its own. This could even be the start of a new product line with new themed modulars that rotate every 2-3 years or so, with 3-5 buildings per theme. The possibilities are as numerous as the limits of your imagination.

  12. Purple Dave

    If you feel that way, keep voting for them. Eventually they’ll have to notice that one person keeps getting similarly-themed models voted up (and this is the first time I can remember one person getting three voted into the same review period). Maybe none of the others will end up under the Ideas banner, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start coming up with their own series of harbor-themed Expert sets.

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