Fallout’s Red Rocket truck stop built in LEGO

Immediately recognisable to anyone who’s played Fallout 4 — or saw any of its promotional material — here’s a LEGO build of the iconic Red Rocket truck stop by Allan Corbeil. The 50s retro diner aesthetic is captured perfectly, but so is the game’s signature air of neglect and decay — no mean feat to render effectively in pristine plastic bricks. The rocket itself is an obvious highlight, but don’t miss the brilliant shaping of the girder supports beneath…

Red Rocket 4

The attention to detail on display here is impressive, with the rear of the model as packed full of texture as the front — the cracked fascia boards, the rusting fridge, the broken vending machines and piles of tyres — all spot-on.

Red Rocket 2

The building also has an interior, no doubt worth scavenging through for abandoned supplies. But it was this image which best conjured up the vague air of unease and loss I always experience when travelling through Fallout’s wastelands…

Red Rocket WIP. Almost ready for BrickCan!

3 comments on “Fallout’s Red Rocket truck stop built in LEGO

  1. Andrew

    ^ Don’t be daft. Rod is writing in the UK, where those rubber things that go on wheels are spelled (or spelt) “tyres.” Different and “wrong” are not the same thing. ;-)

  2. zd

    am i the only one that desperately misses postapoc as a genre? the flush of those mocs that happened what, 7 years ago were so well realized. i feel like the afol community hasn’t had such a solid dedicated trend since

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