First six LEGO Unikitty! sets revealed [News]

First official retail pictures of the upcoming Unikitty! sets has been finally published on the Internet, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Five regular sets featuring all the main characters — Puppycorn, scientist Dr. Fox, bodyguard Hawkodile, and boring, grey 1×3 Lego brick Richard — remind us about some of the most bizarre and eccentric LEGO series, while Collectable Minifigures – Unikitty! Series are aimed at kids and fans who are willing to get the characters in all of their many funny outfits. Prices, piece count and information on availability are yet to be announced.

41451 Unikitty Cloud Car

41452 Prince Puppycorn Trike

41453 Party Time

41454 Dr Fox Laboratory

41455 Unikingdom Creative Brick Box

41775 Collectable Minifigures – Unikitty! Series

8 comments on “First six LEGO Unikitty! sets revealed [News]

  1. Al (@Al__S)

    Quite amused that they’ve come up with a CMF line that’s immune to bag fondlers. I like the cloud bases they’re getting.

    I also like that one of the sets is a creative box, that seems to absolutely fit the Unikitty idea.

  2. BCii

    Look at the piece connecting the head and body. Looks like an extravaganza of recolors of the “nipple” piece, plus a new modified 1×3 plate mold for the bar to attach to…

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