Scaling the heights of capitalism

It’s always interesting when a LEGO builder who is well-known for a particular style decides to dabble in something different. We’ve previously featured the work of Sarah Beyer — her minifigure-scale architectural homes are beautiful (even if regularly devoid of any actual minifigures!). Here, she shifts to microscale, and tackles an altogether different structure — a corporate skyscraper that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Suits.

Bank Tower MOC in the sky

The photography here is excellent, the low angle creating an impressive sense of height and heft. Whilst the bricks and building techniques employed are simple, the texture gives the whole thing a realistic feel — the key to an effective microscale creation. The model’s base is as stripped-back and attractive as its upper storeys — don’t miss the use of the golden ring as the base of the fountain in front of the bank’s lobby.

Bank Tower MOC entrance