Showdown on Biker Street

Austrian LEGO builder Sanel Lukovic has been building a large-scale diorama depicting hot rod culture. The scene has a lovely vintage vibe, and Sanel displayed it recently at LEGO exhibitions in Slovenia and Croatia.

Biker Street Final Picture

The diorama includes a fully brick-built street surrounded by a diner, hot rod garage, biker bar, and gasoline station. Let’s take a closer look!

The hot rod garage is servicing a vintage roadster, and the brick-built pavement has allowed the builder to incorporate oil spills, cracks, and other details.

Hot Rod Garage

The diner has green brick-built lettering, with a bunch of custom choppers parked out front.


Bikers can quench their thirst at the bar, which would look right at home in Juarez, Mexico.

Biker Bar

Finally, the Shell station has old-style pumps with lots of character from bright colors, stickers, and printed pieces.