An upscaled tribute to the original LEGO dinosaurs

A long time ago, before all the Jurassic World sets, and even before the introduction of the old Dinosaurs theme, LEGO introduced the first System-scaled dinosaurs. (Duplo actually had the first-ever dinosaurs). These large reptiles came in a very small number of sets from the Adventurers and Studio themes. Now, Chungpo Cheng, a phenomenal up-scale builder, has given them new life. If you loved this theme just as much as I did, you will definitely recognize them! The only one missing is the Stegosaurus.

Jurassic Period

His T-Rex is perhaps the most iconic, having been first to come and last to leave.


Although, the Triceratops is just as beautifully built!


Chungpo Cheng is brilliant when it comes to up-scale models, and he’s not limited to just dinosaurs. My personal favorite is his up-scaled parrot!

Parrot with Green and Yellow Feathers, White Face and Yellow Beak Pattern


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