Forget Pacific Rim: Uprising — Pacific Brick is the movie to see today [Video]

With this weekend’s release of Pacific Rim: Uprising, the sequel to the 2013 film Pacific Rim, all eyes are on the Jaegers and their fight against the Kaiju. Alex Kobbs of Kooberz Studios has released an all-action LEGO version called Pacific Brick. Featuring a huge Jaeger complete with minifigure pilots and set in a brick-built metropolis, this is the movie to see today.

The best moments from Pacific Brick are summarised below, so watch the movie first and then reflect back on Alex’s skillful creativity. The Jaeger  is controlled by two minifigure pilots and responds when a Kaiju terrorises innocent civilians in the city.

Without wanting to ruin the good vs evil plot line, let’s just say that the Kaiju doesn’t particularly enjoy the ‘gift’ that the Jaeger sends flying in his direction.

There’s an old saying about ‘using a hammer to crack a nut’ that seems to perfectly fit the final scene!