Sweet modular Dentist office

This wonderfully detailed corner modular by o0ger features a dentist’s office as well as a sweet shop, so you can get your ice cream and get your teeth cleaned all in one stop. There are so many great design choices to call out here. Each building has a well-integrated color scheme, from the lime green plus yellow-green stripes on the sweet shop to the brown and rust-red of the dentist’s office.

Cavity Corner - Front

Both buildings also feature some excellent architectural details, especially around the windows and doors. The details of the dentist office roof window are particularly interesting.

Another great part usage is the yellow-orange dome paired with the dark gray arch for the sweet shop awnings. And don’t miss the scooter parked behind the tree.

Cavity Corner - Details

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  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    Of all the buildings to make…why a dentist office? Nobody likes the dentist! xD

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