Cubes, ribbons and a tree

I sure would live in a house like this one built with LEGO by Tom Remy, but I would not pay for it – it looks needlessly expensive and fancy, without much practical benefits. You know, like most modern architecture. Joking aside, there is a lot of imagination in this build and even though it is mostly simple geometric shapes, the longer you look at this house the more there is to see.

Contemporary House # 2 - 1

The central theme of this architectural candy is a white ribbon going around the house, performing the task of the floor, the roof and walls all in one piece (but obviously not the same segment). The ribbon dives into the pool that partially envelops the house and the house too encircles a tree in the middle of the yard – which the builder admits looks cool, but would probably be the cause of a lot of problems in real life. Thus recurring theme of different parts encircling each other, as well as bright basic colours and overall smooth design give the build an extraordinary level of consistency.