‘Battle for District 18’ LEGO speeder bike roundup

Ever since Star Wars: Return of the Jedi hit theaters, hovering speeder bikes have been a very popular subject with LEGO builders captivated by that high-speed chase through the forest of Endor. There’s something enchanting about slapping a big engine on a spindly, thoroughly greebled contraption and crafting the perfect mini-fig character. You can almost feel the whining vibrations in your spine. The Flickr group LSB Lego Speeder Bikes has been running a contest for the month of February called the Battle for District 18.

During the contest, builders competed in 4 categories:

  1. Rebels (criminals causing rampant destruction and mayhem)
  2. Enforcers (law enforcement tasked with bringing these rebels in)
  3. Abide (citizens just trying to survive the chaos)
  4. District 18 (a scene that represents the daily struggle in District 18)

We here at TBB have already featured a few of these models over the last month, but now that we have reached the end of this popular competition I wanted to feature a round-up of some of my personal favorites.

Best Rebel: by Tagl
Battle for District 18 - REBEL - Manatee

Best Enforcer: by Tammo S
"Pouncer" Police Speeder Bike

Best Abide: by FonsoSac
Scooter SC-200B (Bussiness Edition)

Best District 18: by Jimfowler35
Earth 2035 - District 18

Best stand: by Spac13
The best stands seem to almost disappear. This stand positioned so far to the rear of the speeder bike blends in nicely.

Best Narrative: by perig perig
Even among the chaos of the daily struggle in District 18, agriculture is an essential aspect of life.
D-18 speeder farmer

Most Greebly: by Pico van Grootveld
LSB2018 - Rebel Outrider

Much Engines: by hmick_
D18 Police Patrol 1

Best Laugh: by aido k
This one shows the lighter side of District 18.
Everybody on!

Best pilot: by W. Navarre
The dark blue leg and helmet matching the panels on the speeder really connect the pilot to the bike.
The Law

Best Utility: by Jme Wheeler
For me, the addition of headphones on this neat little transport/delivery pilot sells it.
Mollusk (Profile)

Best Part Use: by Marcel V.
The use of a shark body for the fusilage is pure genius!

Best Huh? by Anthony Wilson
This one jumped out at me for its sheer randomness. Gotta love the pirate theme.
Captain Birdeye's Getaway Speeder