Greyscale villa is anything but monotone

I’m not sure if Bernopi is an architect or not, but his LEGO villa certainly looks like it was designed by one. With a greyscale colour scheme, clean lines and a hint of International Style, this is my kind of house.  I love the tilted roofs that add interest to the box-like style of construction and the main stairs are enticingly simple in appearance.  The only LEGO colours used are Black, White, Medium Stone Grey and Dark Stone Grey but the different textures and angles ensure that this creation is aesthetically intriguing and attractive.

I imagine this to be a home with minimalistic interior that is easy to keep tidy. We will  have to use our imagaintion as there are no interior images just the views through the window.

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  1. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    @Rich we have updated the post with a link to the builder’s blog. When I first wrote about this build there was only one image and no other information. My description was based on the one image so I’m glad there’s a lot more information of interest to find out now :-)

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