Iconic VW Golf GTi Mk1 in LEGO

The Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk1 first went on sale in Germany in June 1976 and was only available as a 3-door version. Although the Golf was meant to be a small, fuel-efficient car model, a group of VW engineers worked on the sport version in their spare time. To many, the Golf GTi Mk1 is the boy racer’s car of the 1980’s and Joe Perez has captured its distinctive form in LEGO.

Golf GTi Mk1

Golf GTi Mk1

Joe’s version is not just about exterior good looks, open up the driver’s door and you will see a fully fitted out interior.   The minifigure microphone is ideal as the classic ‘golf ball’ gear stick.

Golf GTi Mk1 Interior

In addition, we can also take a peek under the hood of Joe’s version. There are some fun parts to spot powering this particular Golf,  I love the use of the clockwork winder key and some minifigure legs within the engine.

Golf GTi Mk1 Engine Compartment

I’m not entirely sure why a fried egg is hiding under the hood…can anyone eggsplain?

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  1. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Ah ha! Thanks for letting me know as I was genuinely unsure what it represented.

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Hi, there are no instructions for this build as far as I am aware. If you click on the image or the emboldened builder name, you can always ask him on Flickr.

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