Do u kno da wey

The Budas Brick’s own Iain Heath obviously seems to kno da wey, while simultaneously eating Tide pods and inapropriately reacting to a serious topic. If you are not sure what I am talking about, Iain has built a mashup of some of the dankest memes of January 2018. Agree with it or not, dank memes are the humour of the present day.

Month of memes: January 2017

Iain is known for his excellent character builds and always keeping up to date with the hottest trends – from popular media to memes. The Ugandan Knuckles figure is as close to a low-resolution 3D model as a LEGO build can be and the hat is instantly recognizable as well. While the Tide pods are built only out of a few pieces each, they are very obvious when seen accompanied by other January 2018 memes. Now that February has started though, the former memes are officially stale. And now, it is time for CPP memes to take over the internet!

9 comments on “Do u kno da wey

  1. Luka Post author

    I agree, racist memes are far from funny.

    @Joe Abercrombie:
    This is not a racist meme. The makers of the film Who Killed Captain Alex (the main reason for the use of the Ugandan accent in the Ugandan Knuckles meme) have even publically expressed their love for the meme. Besides, I have never heard of a situation where this meme has hurt anyone on the basis of race. It is annoying for sure and many people have been discomforted by this meme in that regard. If there is anything to hold against the Ugandan Knuckles it would be internet trolling. Thank you.

  2. SpeakingJargon

    I’m a fan of this site and of Iain, but I think this was a misstep. This meme is definitely playing on racial stereotypes.

  3. Debreuil

    This is definitely a racist meme. Even if the original creator of the components, like the “Who Killed Captain Alex” movie or the Knuckles model had no involvement in making it racist, the meme is still racist. The creator of Pepe the frog is not a racist, but the meme has been co-opted as a way for racists to identify each other. The swastika is still an east Asian religious symbol, but in outside of its specific religious context, it is a tool for Nazis to identify each other.

    Skip this. It’s not worth it.

  4. The Anonymous Hutt

    K look, people are too easily offended. a lot of things upset me in the world, but I can be certain that they are not the same things that upset my fellow commenters. In this case, the meme is simply annoying. Don’t tell me you’ve never imitated an African accent, or a Hispanic accent, or an Indian accent, or an Asian accent. This meme is no different.

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