Easter Bunny Minifigure 5005249 [Review]

For a couple of years now, LEGO has been re-issuing some of the more popular minifigure characters as separate custom box sets. This began with the re-issue of the Chicken Suit Guy from Collectible Minifigure Series 9 and we later had the Gingerbread Man from Series 11 for Christmas. The most recent characters are a somewhat off-season Cave Man and Cave Woman similar to those from Series 1 and Series 5, respectively.

This year we get something a little different and unique altogether: 5005249 Easter Bunny Hut with a new character similar to the Bunny Suit Guy from Series 7. Make no mistake, the original Bunny Suit Guy is still one very hot collectible and sought after figure, so it’s quite interesting to see that this re-issue takes a different direction with new prints but keeping the same head accessory.

According to the March 2018 LEGO Store calendar, the minifigure will be a gift-with-purchase between March 16 and March 31 for orders of $35 or more in the US. We’ve got our hands on a copy and thought it deserves an early look.

The box is tiny and cute as ever, sporting a sleeve with customary LEGO branding.

Lifting up the sleeve, we see artwork of a little hut with a door, with drawn foliage resembling a few familiar pieces.

The back of the box continues the scene, showing the inside of the cardboard ‘hut’ with a set of paintbrushes in the midst of decorating an egg.

There are a couple of ways to reach the figure. The first of the two is for the box purists, basically removing the flaps from the top, for folks who don’t quite like ‘damaging’ their boxed collections by opening perforated doors.

For the folks that don’t really mind, there is a perforated flap at the front where you can reach Mr. Bunny.

As we take a look inside, Mr. Bunny is snugly fit into the pack with an Easter egg on his side and a paintbrush in his hand.

Taking him out of the snug pack, we get a closer look at his six parts: the headpiece, torso, and legs, the rabbit-ear headgear, a painted egg and a paintbrush.

While there’s no print for the legs nor a secondary facial expression, the back of the torso sports a somewhat raised bunny tail print.

His facial expression consists of a new print showing a buck-toothed grin and freckles on both cheeks. The torso print comes in a light royal blue with a printed vest and a fluffy yellow bow tie.

The minifigure accessory paintbrush has always come in brown with a silver ring and with a green tip, and now we get a new coloured brush with a medium blue tip!

The egg piece is also rather unique. Though the piece itself is not rare as it’s been featured in various seasonal themes and Angry Birds franchise, this is the first printed egg, and rightfully so that the paintbrush tip is in medium blue, the pattern on this egg is printed in the same hue.

Mr. Bunny can easily hold on to his egg while hopping around happily!

Overall, this little bunny in a box is quite the winner especially for fans who love costumed minifigures, and with unique printed parts and accessories, it’s a no-brainer. So start saving up your pennies for this little Easter treat!

7 comments on “Easter Bunny Minifigure 5005249 [Review]

  1. Johnny Johnson

    That terrible white-on-blue torso printing was kinda confusing. I had a hard time understanding that it was supposed to be a very short jacket and a big furry rabbit tummy, whoops. Too bad that kinda of printing still happens, where a light color doesn’t show up right.

  2. Purple Dave

    I don’t think the box shows an interior view at all. The front of the box has a door. The other three sides have windows with open shutters on this side and drawn curtains on the other. All four sides have similar grass at the base and identical roof at the top. This looks like a backyard paint “studio”.

    And I can think of a potential third way to open the box, which is probably more likely with young kids…particularly if they’ve just loaded up on sugar.

  3. Summicron

    Very average looking minifig are best. Wouldn’t put it on my wanted list even if I have nothing to buy.

  4. Purple Dave

    It’s still better than Gizmo’s tummy, which looks so bad against white legs that I had to take his car in red to justify even putting him and Stripe on our layouts.

    For people who missed the CMF version, it’s about as close an alternative as they might see (short of the lingerie-clad March Harriet from TLBM1). The egg and brush are also likely to see a lot of demand independently from the minifig. I expect it will do fine.

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