Cyberpunk’s not dead!

MemeLUG member LegoFin has spent the past six months exclusively building cyberpunk creations, all culminating in a large diorama. The builder has been posting teasers for the project for a while now and has finally revealed the first of three layers.

CyberPunk 2046: Sector LL927

One might call the picture too dark, but I see it as atmospheric.

The scene is filled with details and mini stories, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of a cluttered cyberpunk city. Taking your time to view the closeup of the image and exploring it in detail will definetely prove to be a fun experience.

CyberPunk 2046: Wall and Hanger Details

Some of the builder’s earlier teaser images also reveal great details in the diorama.

CyberPunk 2046: Welcome to the City