Truckin’ can be lonesome in a minifigure scale truck

Building vehicles in minifigure scale is not always an easy task. Minifigures themselves are an odd shape – short and wide. In the LEGO world, adaptations have to be made, especially when it comes to vehicles that need minifigures to side side-by-side. This truck by Calin solves the problem by giving the impression of the correct height but only fitting one minifigure in the front seat. Frank seems content to drive his old tan truck on his own, he prefers it that way.

The Old Truck

Calin says he was inspired in some ways by de-marco’s collection of vehicles. We highlighted a few, and their instructions if you take a peek on our free instructions for custom models area, just select de-marco under the builder tab.

1 comment on “Truckin’ can be lonesome in a minifigure scale truck

  1. Purple Dave

    I’ve said it many times before, but especially with vehicles you can either build it to look accurate or build it to look good. You can also try to find a middle ground, but you’re always going to have to make sacrifices somewhere without building to a much larger scale (a fellow member of my LUG believes 10-wide is the minimum before a MOC of any random car would be recognizable). I stick to a 6-wide scale, with some commercial vehicles hitting 8-wide, and I never brick-build my doors like they do In the Speed Champions theme. As a result, I have no problem fitting side-by-side minifigs in my cars…but a 4-door sedan is something like four times as long as the height of a minifig, and I have zero ability to do sculpted sides like you’d find on vintage trucks (like this) or exotic sports cars. I’m still trying to figure out how to work pontoon fenders in. Tan is, regrettably, also off my color palette because they make neither doors nor fenders in that color.

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