Hong Kong welcomes the Lunar New Year with a LEGO showcase event [News]

Hong Kong welcomes the Lunar Chinese New Year with their first LEGO event for 2018 at the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, located in the town centre of Sha Tin.

The centre showpiece is a Chinese Lion Dance costume made of LEGO 150,000 bricks standing at over 5 ft. (1.6 meters tall) and over 6 ft. (2 meters) wide built by Andy Hung, LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) in the Greater China region and his team Legend Creative. Other builds include 2 Stone Guardian Dogs standing almost 3 ft tall and a ‘lucky mosaic’ 5 ft.x 4 ft. to welcome fortune for the Year of the Dog!

These LEGO models had been under construction for over a month with 10 teammates, and comprise over 150,000 bricks. The designated area features life-sized minifigures and human-sized LEGO lookalike structures – a gabled door, corridor, gazebo, rickshaw, stone dog statue, a mahjong table and other quaint, traditional Chinese scenery

We have some exclusive  behind-the-scenes images from Andy on the construction of the brick built Lion Dance Costume.

   Andy Hung (2nd from left) and his teammates from Legend Creative

Concurrent events include a model building workshop and a special gift redemption area where unique creations limited to 800 pieces can be found, these are not available on shop shelves . This paricular model design has been in demand judging by initial reactions!

The one of a kind giveaway limited to 800 pieces. 

The instructions guide for the Lion Dance build can be found here. Special thanks to AFOL Yiu Chun Yat from Hong Kong for scanning and sharing this with TBB!

There are 3 unique festive gifts for redemption in the building workshop, each accompanied by a miniature dog.

Some of the exclusives are limited sets of ‘red envelopes’ featuring Chinese New Year Greetings and minifigure prints with 38 designs that are limited to 200 gift sets.

The displays will be showcased from 20th January to the 3rd of March. So if you’re in Hong Kong, remember to drop by to experience this one of a kind event.