And I thought... they smelled bad...

But thanks God brick-built LEGO tauntaun smells of nothing but the finest ABS plastic. Robert Lundmark surprises us with this bodacious statuette of one of the most famous creatures of the Star Wars universe, and there’s so much awesome about it.

Snow Patrol

With Luke on its back tauntaun is 12.5 in/32 cm high and almost 16 in/40 cm long, which makes it a rather large creation with large surfaces for small details. For instance, tiny slopes on the legs and the tail of the animal perfectly capture snow and ice caught in the fur.

Snow Patrol

Meanwhile, the head of tauntaun is a mixture of various building techniques. Despite a significant amount of curved slopes and tiles used here, Robert still managed to give it a little bit of texture with some exposed studs.

Tauntaun close-up