Musicians will be bricking it when playing at this amazing LEGO concert hall

The University of Colorado Boulder has an ongoing project to construct a LEGO version of its campus, built by a team of LEGO builders. Imagine Rigney has just finished building a LEGO version of the Macky Auditorium Concert Hall, where dozens of major College of Music performances take place each season. The auditorium is over a century old, and its Neo-Gothic architecture style has been nicely captured in LEGO bricks

Macky Auditorium, CU Boulder, Colorado

Can I ask that you please turn off your cell phone, as a concert is currently in full swing.

Macky Auditorium Interior, CU Boulder, Colorado

Situated in its surrounding landscape, the structure only becomes more impressive.

Macky Auditorium Installed, CU Boulder, Colorado


We have also highlighted Imagine’s LEGO versions of two other UC Boulder buildings that form part of the installation, the Koelbel Building and Old Main, and together they all comprise an amazing diorama.

CU LEGO Campus Quad Area, CU Boulder, Colorado

Here Imagine works on one of the buildings, and also provides a sense of scale to this incredible layout.

CU Boulder LEGO Campus Expanded Installation, 2017

3 comments on “Musicians will be bricking it when playing at this amazing LEGO concert hall

  1. Niki

    The original Mackey building was made by Mark M. Of CoWLUG and rebuilt by Imagine to fit his vision of the building without Mark’s approval or input.

  2. Imagine

    Good point. While it’s true that the original 2014 build of Macky for the installation was constructed by Mark M. of CoWLUG, he did give his approval for the demolition of that original build for this new design, requested by the client. The original had a footprint of 7 x 5 baseplates. I was tasked with redesigning it to fit a 5 x 3 baseplate footprint. This required a completely new design and build. However, as The Heritage Center owns the parts, all those old parts from the original build had to be disassembled and sorted before beginning the new design. I’ve updated the description to the images on Flickr to give everyone an idea of how that all worked.

  3. Mark Mancuso

    Imagine, thank you for acknowledging that I originally built Macky (with the help of others) for the initial phase of CU Heritage display. I do want to emphasize that the original design had numerous implementations of the Neo-Gothic details that make Macky an architectural gem, some like the scaled down version. The original MOC was based on 100s of pictures that were taken and CAD designs of the building. Many of the key details of the building were considered, as well as how it fit into the topography. This MOC was large but was very much in scale with buildings in the exhibit, such as the CU Heritage Center. Internally the orchestra seen in the pictures is what had been built for the stage of the original Macky building, though the piano was a variation of a MOC that was built by someone else. Some of the internal architectural design elements of the latest version of Macky are very similar to the original design. Unfortunately, it was determined by the individuals managing the next phase of CU Heritage Center Display, that the original Macky building was too large to fit into the limited space because of a move, which was the reason for the very well done scaled down version. I also want to thank everybody who helped with the original version of Macky, there were a handful of COWLUG that worked to make it a success.

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