2018 LEGO sets available now, including Downtown Diner, Shanghai and more [News]

With the new year, comes a new wave of LEGO sets, now available in LEGO stores and online. We’ve highlighted few from each theme we think you will love, from Downtown Diner to Shanghai. We’ve already reviewed a few of these sets, with more on their way in the coming days and weeks.


The next modular has arrived and is ready to transport you to the 50s with its teal highlights.

10260 Downtown Diner | $169.99 USD

Also available from eBay


Only one architecture set is launching this January, and color us impressed! Read our review to see how much we like this set.

21039 Shanghai (Review)  | $59.99 USD

Also available from eBay


You can train with Rey and the Porgs on Ahch-to Island, build Darth Vader or Boba Fett, collect a few more battle packs and the Millennium Falcon Microfighter or read our review of the Defense of Crait.

75202 Defense of Crait (Review) | $84.99 USD

Also available from Amazon and eBay


Technic has a strong showing with a sleek Rally Car, Hovercraft, or this big new truck.

42078 Mack Anthem | $179.99 USD

Also available from Amazon, eBay and Bricklink


Take off in the Bat-Space Shuttle below, or if you would rather fancy a Bat Dune Buggy of a fight with Egghead, we’d suggest taking a break and going to the Justice League Anniversary Party.

The Bat-Space Shuttle | $79.99 USD

Also available from eBay


Our police friends are expanding to a Mountain Headquarters with bears and bees, while the rest of LEGO City’s denizens go mining for gold! This is also the second set to include LEGO’s new roller coaster elements, which we first encountered in our review of Joker Manor.

60188 Mining Experts Site | $99.99 USD

Also available from Amazon and eBay


A new year means new superhero movies, including Black Panther, who is coming with a Rhino Face-Off and this sleek fighter

76100 Royal Talon Fighter Attack  | $29.99 USD

Also available from Amazon, eBay and Bricklink


For a smaller version of the big Disney Castle, you cant go wrong with this dreamy set below with its new dark blue turret roof elements; or if you want to dream, maybe Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is more appropriate.

41154 Cinderella’s Dream Castle | $69.99 USD

Also available from Amazon, eBay and Bricklink


The Friendship House below is a stunner with its tiled exterior, but the Camper Van is a loaded for a weekend getaway and Mia’s Tree House has a ton of new flowers and leaves.

41340 Friendship House  | $69.99 USD

Also available from Amazon and eBay


The Justice League is in full force with Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, but our favorite is this seasonal bumblebee.

40270 Valentine’s Bee | $9.99 USD

Also available from Amazon and eBay


Along with the 60th Anniversary sets and a pair of cool planes, we now have a Winter Home, Mythical Creatures and this Sunshine Surfer Van.

Sunshine Surfer Van | $34.99 USD

Also available from Amazon, eBay and Bricklink


Spinjitzu is back with a spinner for every character, but this is the temple that caught our eye, filled with new Kabuki masks and a Kurosawa-esque burning rooftop collapse.

Temple of Resurrection | $69.99 USD

Also available from Amazon, eBay and Bricklink

There are even more sets online with a few from Elves, Minecraft, DC Comics and even Duplo too. 2018 looks like it is off to a great start!