When the robot saints go marching in

For centuries, Saints have held a certain fascination for mankind. There is a Saint for pretty much anything. So it stands to reason, that in the future after mankind has been wiped out or enslaved by our new robot overlords, that they would produce Saints of their own. Several LEGO builders have brought this vision to reality, and as the song goes, I would really like to be in that number.

ST. 67656f7267 by Djokson

ST. 67656f7267

Anthony Wilson

ST. 4672616e636973

ST. 4d617263656c6c7573 by Kingmarshy

ST. 4d617263656c6c7573

ST. 4c656f6e617264 by Leonid An

ST. 4c656f6e617264

ST. 44696d69747269 by -Disty-

ST. 44696d69747269

ST. 54686f6d6173 by Toni A

ST. 54686f6d6173

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