Harmonious holiday brick baubles

Acclaimed LEGO builder Markus Rollbühler is no stranger to making neat brick Christmas ornaments. We’ve covered some of his previous exploits in the genre before, and this year he’s back with an adorable new batch of ornaments that all make touching nods to the LEGO sets of yesteryear.

Iconic LEGO Set Christmas Ornaments

From the photo’s description, we learn exactly what set each ornament (from left to right) depicts…

1. 396 Thatcher Perkins Locomotive (1976)

2. 6285 Black Seas Barracuda (1989)

3. 6973 Deep Freeze Defender (1993)

4. The sub from 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab (1995) and 6135 Spy Shark (1996)

5. 5571 Giant Truck “Black Cat” (1996)

6. 8480 Space Shuttle (1996)

7. 6098/6091 King Leo’s Castle (2000)