Clear the decks, pirates be approachin’

There’s nothing like a good pirate ship to shiver our timbers, and Nicola Poloniato has built a suitably intimidating ship, cloaked in black.  The Black Star is approaching at speed with a full compliment of sails, not forgetting the Jolly Roger. I can’t say she looks friendly, just look at those cannon balls blasting from beneath the main deck.


It’s worth taking a closer look at those firing cannons; I love the smoke effect and their explosive movement cleverly built with a mix of transparent round 1×1 plates.


1 comment on “Clear the decks, pirates be approachin’

  1. Purple Dave

    The Jolly Roger was both terrifying and a _teensy_ bit reassuring, since pirates would give quarter while flying it. If you fought back and they switched to a red flag, all bets were off. Nowadays, it usually means a submarine has just returned to port following a successful mission, very general details of which can be inferred by being able to interpret the symbols added to the flag.

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