Hercules’ fourth labour is anything but boaring

In Greek mythology, Hercules was sentenced to serving King Eurystheus for twelve years after killing his family in a fit of god-induced madness. Part of his punishment required Hercules to perform twelve seemingly impossible tasks, and Bob DeQuatre has created the fourth task in LEGO bricks. His snowy creation sets the scene with the large, aggressively dark Erymanthian Boar standing on high and  a rather more diminutive looking Hercules facing up to his opponent. The composition is well thought out with the temple subtly built away from the main action on the left. I love the landscaping with rocks, snow and a stream frozen into an icy cascade on the right.

Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar

Taking a closer look at the boar also reveals some nice sculpturing to achieve his muscular form. I appreciate the thought that has gone into creating a realistic landscape, notice the ground underneath the tree is devoid of snow thanks to the leafy umbrella of protection above.

Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar

2 comments on “Hercules’ fourth labour is anything but boaring

  1. Purple Dave

    Have you ever noticed how long these events get stretched out in Greco-Roman mythology? Twelve years? And then he sailed with Jason on the Argo, for however long that quest took. And even worse is Odysseus. He grew up, got married at least long enough to get her pregnant, and hopped on a boat to Troy. Then he spent ten years fighting the Trojan War (and what did Troy do for provisions with a hostile army camped around them for ten years?). After it was all done, it took another ten years (and the lives of pretty much all his men) to get home. After performing some party tricks, killing everyone, and tussling the hair of his son (who probably just wanted to get back to whatever he was doing on his iScroll), he got banished…for another ten years (apparently the Red Wooing violated some hospitality rules or somesuch). That’s roughly fifty years of his life gone by before this king (did I mention he was an absentee king?) could actually really spend some time ruling his kingdom.

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