These fully articulated LEGO Star Wars figures are ready to conquer the galaxy

With the next installment of the Star Wars franchise nearing once again, we’re starting to see the amazing community of builders turning their incredible skills to a galaxy far, far away. These larger doll-sized builds by Herbert Lee from Hong Kong are a prime example. With a multitude of articulation points to give life-like poses from any iconic scene from the movies, these figures stand about 8-10″ tall and are a considerable step up from the LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz figures.

Herbert has built eight characters from across all three trilogies. Let’s take a look at each one of them in their best poses.

First we have the classic Stormtrooper looking smart for his graduation day. The minifigure below gives a sense of the scale of the character.

I am " Stormtrooper "

Lord Vader himself using his force powers to choke his loved ones.

Darth Vader" I am your Father!"

Captain Phasma, all dressed up to meet Tormund for a date.

Captain Phasma

An angsty Kylo on one of his better days when he’s calm.

This is " Kylo Ren"

Third cousin and college buddies of the Stormie, First Order style.

I am " First Order Trooper"

Collector of Lightsabers and crotchety old man who still refuses to take his meds for his constant cough, General Grevious.

Star Wars " General Grievous"

Apprentice Maul. We dearly miss him.

Phantom Menace "Darth Maul"

Jango Fett getting ready for a field trip to wipe out some Jedis.

Legendary Bounty Hunter" Jango Fett"

And last but not least, Boba Feet, the Sarlacc’s best tasting meal ever (or so I’ve heard).

Legendary Bounty Hunter " Boba Fett"

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