LEGO’s 60th Anniversary set revealed, featuring mini-models of classic sets [News]

Celebrating the upcoming 60th anniversary of LEGO in 2018, Billund has released a unique throwback set representing four iconic themes. The set will have 421 pieces (40290) with a value of $25, and will be a gift-with-purchase offer to customers who purchase a minimum of $125 in LEGO stores or the LEGO Shop Online between January 28 and February 14.

The 4 sets being revisited are the 6399 Airport Shuttle from 1990, 375 Castle from 1978, 6285 Black Seas Barracuda from 1989, and 497 Galaxy Explorer from 1979. It’s certainly going to be a treat for both new and older fans of these themes to have one to add to their collection.

On the bottom right, the box art sports the LEGO logo with colored stripes that was used from 1965-1972, along with the classic black and white imagery of a boy playing with bricks. Interestingly, LEGO had discontinued use of this logo before producing any of the sets these mini models are based on.

The January 2018 LEGO store calendar, which features this promotion and others, can be found here.

10 comments on “LEGO’s 60th Anniversary set revealed, featuring mini-models of classic sets [News]

  1. Nicole

    I believe Set 6399 is actually the Airport Shuttle. I had (still have) that one as a kid. One of my favorites! Can’t wait to get this anniversary set. :)

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    Thanks, we’ve fixed the set name to 6399 Airport Shuttle. All passengers heading to terminal two for an international flight got a shock when the moon was the first stop!!

  3. Håkan

    Yeah, I’d say the original Space Monorail set is more classic, but I guess the space slot was already taken…

  4. Purple Dave

    I’m pretty sure that whenever people ask them to bring back Monorail, this isn’t really what anyone has in mind…

  5. Johnny Johnson

    I love that the mini classic yellow castle looks like it’ll actually unfold just like the original (Since I can see the front hinges, and that it’s raised off the base for clearance in comparison to the other models).

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