Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 deals on LEGO Star Wars from [News]

Following the LEGO discounts for, has unveiled its Cyber Monday LEGO deals available now, mostly focused on LEGO Star Wars sets. The discounted sets include several of the new sets from The Force Awakens, along with a significant number of other 2017 sets. Follow this link to check out all of the deals for yourself, but we’ve found a few highlights you might be interested in. Don’t miss the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. These deals may be available in multiple regions, so check them out and save on your holiday shopping while helping to support The Brothers Brick.

75179 Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter is 20% off at $63.99 and includes the highly sought-after BB-9E (“BB-Hate”) figure.

75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker is 20% off at $39.99 with 554 parts and four minifigs, making it quite a good deal.

75178 Jakku Quad Jumper is also 20% off at $39.99. As we noted in our review, the set includes lots of great dark orange pieces with an explosive play feature.

75170 The Phantom is 28% off at $21.59. For fans of Grand Admiral Thrawn, this is a great little set to pick up this iconic character (read our review).

LEGO Star Wars 75170 The Phantom set

Many of the excellent sets from Rogue One are also on sale, including the best LEGO Y-wing produced so far, 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter at 20% off for only $47.99 for 691 pieces and 5 minifigs.

LEGO Star Wars 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter set

75171 Battle on Scarif is 24% off at $37.88, with two Shoretroopers along with Jyn and Cassian.

LEGO Star Wars 75171 Battle on Scarif set

70907 Killer Croc Tail-Gator from The LEGO Batman Movie is 50% off at $33.94. Check out our review for more details on this set.  

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