More LEGO City 2018 sets revealed [News]

Just a month ago we’ve got the very first look at some of the City 2018 sets. Now, with the official product pictures published online we can finally get ready for new adventures in the mountain forests, in the skies and deep into gold mines. But beware of grizzly bears and wild bees! As usual, prices are to be revealed very soon.

60188 Mining Experts Site

60186 Mining Heavy Driller

60184 Mining Team

60178 Speed Record Car

60177 Airshow Jet

60176 Wild River Escape

60174 Mountain Police Headquarters

60171 Mountain Fugitives

60170 Off-Road Chase

10 comments on “More LEGO City 2018 sets revealed [News]

  1. B07170

    Grey rails, instead of the purple ones, open an entire new world of microscale MOCs!! Defining its own scale!!
    Let’s finally get rid of such deformed minifigs and start creating bigger micro-worlds for trains and cities! Yeah!

  2. Taylor Connell

    Most of these look awesome. Even the Mountail Police HQ looks better than I thought it would, no wonder that we have a closer look at it.

    One thing bothers me, though; that massive machine in 60188. What exactly is that? It doesn’t look like any mining equipment I know of. It’s cool, but I’m wondering if it actually is based in reality or if it’s just cool.

  3. Taylor Connell

    Wait, I just noticed; in all of the new Police sets, it’s not alternatively gold and money that the crooks are stealing; it’s exclusively gold. And gold is also being mined out by the Mining Team in the mining sets . . . obviously, the crooks are stealing gold from the mine and the police are working with the miners to retrieve it! It’s cross-pollination of sub-themes! Awesome!

  4. Håkan

    Afols don’t need more police sets, kids do. At least this series includes some useful, new pieces…

  5. Taylor Connell

    Agreed. Gold bar pieces in gold are surprisingly rare, and these are gonna be real useful for my Minecraft stuff. ^^

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