Incredible revenge is best served explosively

They say revenge is best served cold, but it seems like Syndrome is serving up his hot and explosive. monstrophonic has built a LEGO scene from The Incredibles featuring Syndrome and his Omnidroid attacking the superhero family. Our heroes are beating a hasty retreat as some impressive firepower rains down from above. The explosion has been nicely crafted, but it’s the fantastic architecture as the backdrop that makes this street scene truly awesome.

Syndrome's Revenge

The front on image doesn’t quite show the clever angles the builder has used to create a forced perspective effect. The view from above reveals the acutely angled buildings…

Syndrome's Revenge

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  1. Purple Dave

    One major problem with the Incredibles as minifigs is that there’s not much you can do to distinguish Mr Incredible from his son (certainly not from a distance). At least the wife and daughter have different color hair.

    Somewhere I have a few sealed copies of Mr. Incredible waiting to make the whole family, but Dash is kinda killing that idea, until Brick Fortress starts making short legs in new colors.

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