Swooshing through space at 100 studs per month

I had a friend with a dream to build a huge spaceship out of LEGO. One which would fit two classic LEGO standards: the famous Vic-Viper style, and the 100 stud-long SHIP (Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). I have yet to hear from that friend again. However, Matt Rowntree has taken on the same subject, and completed the job in a single month!

SHIPtember 2017

This creation is more than just two established building genres mashed together — Matt’s M-47 Bushmaster is the best of both worlds. A unique-looking SHIP, and a detailed Vic-Viper too. The level of detail is unsurprising considering the scale. What might normally be achieved with stickers is brick-built, and nothing looks overly bulky or out of place. You might wonder why a spaceship in a format usually reserved for micro- or minifig-scale is so large. The answer? It’s piloted by a technic figure!

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