I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a LEGO house

“Calmwater Cliff House” is a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired multistoried LEGO house nuzzled into a rocky cliff by a sandy beach. Created using black, dark tan, light tan, and reddish brown — or, as betweenbrickwalls puts it, “the colours of the 20th century” — this is a modern home integrated into the landscape to suit a 21st-century lifestyle.

Calmwater Cliff House MOC exterior VII

Inside, there are two floors with a terrace on each floor. Upstairs you will find a music corner with a fabulous sea view, a bedroom, and the main entrance.

Calmwater Cliff House MOC bedroom

Downstairs, you’ll find a spacious kitchen and dining area, a bathroom, and home office.

Calmwater Cliff House MOC kitchen oven

Check out betweenbrickwall‘s Flickr album for more detailed pictures of the interior.