Win free tickets to The LEGO Ninjago Movie [Giveaway]

With The LEGO Ninjago Movie opening on Friday, we thought it would be fun to give away some tickets to our dedicated readers. We enjoyed the movie (read our review), and we think you should see it too!

We are giving away 10 codes, each good for two tickets to The LEGO Ninjago Movie on Fandango (worth up to $24 total), provided by Warner Bros. We’ll choose the 10 winners at random from the comments below, so leave us a comment on this post telling us which of LEGO’s other themes, past or present, should be given the full CGI treatment and made into the next LEGO movie and why.

We love our global audience, but unfortunately we’re only able to open this contest to readers in the USA (the codes won’t work outside the States). We will choose winners from eligible entries in one week, submitted before 11:59 PM PST on Sept. 26. Winners will be contacted via email. Good luck!

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140 comments on “Win free tickets to The LEGO Ninjago Movie [Giveaway]

  1. James Strickler

    I would love to see exo-force as a full length movie, because i feel like they could give us a better, more coherent story line (but mostly because it would mean bringing the exo force product line back!)

  2. gregandbirds

    With 80s nostalgia running rampant at the moment, the natural choice is Classic Space. And we’ve already got Benny!

  3. David Bacon

    I think a movie with a mashup of different past space themes would be great. Space Police, BlackTron, Ice Planet 3000. That would be cool.

  4. Darren

    I would love to see the old Adventurers theme become a movie, especially since Johnny Thunder made an appearance in The Lego Movie. I can see it being an exciting Indiana Jones type of adventure movie with the good guys and bad guys racing to exotic locations to find hidden treasure. It would be great to see brick environments representing different parts of the world instead of just one location like Gotham City.

  5. Ben

    @James Strickler I really would love to see a full length Lego Marvel Movie either LCU or just animated direct to dvd. Doubt it would happen the :(

  6. Ben

    I also would love to see an agents (not ultra) full LCU movie. think they could pull it off. I would be sooooo cool to see a secret agent (kinda like James Bond) LCU movie!

  7. Morrison Nolan

    Johnny Thunder would be a great movie property, they could get super meta with his appearances in games a studio sets and would give them a great way to spoof Indiana jones.

  8. Ryan M

    Classic castle. Would be a chance to bring back the theme along with the opening of the medieval themed hotel at lego land.

  9. Payton P.

    I think any of the space themes would be solid choices. There’s plenty of sets to draw inspiration from. There are also several approaches to take toward such a movie (any of the space police themes would be an interesting buddy-cop movie). And Benny could easily be integrated, I’m sure.

  10. Anson Honegger

    I’d love to see a classic castle movie, with Robin Hood, the Wolf Knights, featuring the original yellow castle.

  11. Steve

    I would love to see a LEGO Pirates movie or even LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean movie (to expand Disney’s franchise!). As a spin-off to The LEGO Movie, LEGO Classic Space (featuring Benny!) would be awesome as well!!

  12. Michael

    Dino Attack/Dino2010. The theme had some great sets (even if it did push TLG’s guidelines of no war/weapons) and I would love to see them reimagined. I can see it being like a wholesome Jurassic Park with LEGO bricks, minifigs, and humor.

  13. Hudson Rippetoe

    The next movie they should make should be Galidor. That was the best theme and I’d love to see it come back. JK. Seriously, though, I’d love to see either Exo-Force or Johnny Thunder. Both excellent themes that I believe would do fabulously.

  14. Brian

    Gotta be LEGO Castle! One of the funniest bits in the LEGO Movie was the scroll reading (plus I’d love to get more castle building inspiration!).

  15. digitalrefuse

    I’d really love to see a Blacktron/M-Tron movie. These themes both have pretty good nostalgia for a large number of adult fans. On top of this, Lego owns the IP, and it’s just sitting there unused. It’d be a great way to breathe some life into the non Star Wars space theme. I’m sure there are a ton of really awesome new variations on the original themes you could make with the crazy amount of new parts introduced between now an the early-to-mid 90’s.

  16. Richard Sweeney

    I’d love to see Nexo Knights. The property is going good with a TV series that has gone for 3 seasons and a long lasting line of toys with a rich coherent story with connections to classic Lego lines showing it has the chops to make it just as big as Ninjago.

  17. morgan19

    Absolutely classic Castle, as in Black Falcons, Crusaders, etc. A straight-up fantasy/adventure with the usual LEGO humor. I’d be game for CS or Blacktron too…

  18. Reese Hawthorne

    The Bionicle story would make for an awesome movie if it was done right (aka not like the previous ones…).

    Also something fantasy/castle-ish would look awesome on the big screen.

  19. Scott Bowen

    It would be funny to see another LEGO Movie sequel break into the Friends world and visit Heartlake City and try to figure out why everybody looks different. But honestly I could see a good story coming out of the Time Cruisers theme if it weren’t so short-lived.

  20. Cole Blood

    I think it’d be epic of they had a castle/fantasy movie with a good plot. Plus, of course so punchlines mixed in ;)

  21. Aardvark17

    Exo Force and Classic Space movies sound awesome, but personally I’m a big fan of Chima and Nexo Knights, although I’m sure I’m not in the majority here… I think a Bionicle movie would be better as there is a bigger fanbase for it and exploring the LEGO animation style for non-minifigs would be especially interesting.

  22. Anthony Forsberg

    How about a Lego Architecture movie? It could be the story of an architect working to become the best in their field, or an architecture student learning the ropes.

  23. James Sponsler

    Adventurers! Because it was my favorite theme as a kid. And if they start production now, it could be well timed to come out when Disney is releasing their new Indiana Jones movie.

  24. James

    I think a Pirates movie could be good, there would be lots of room for adventure and dumb jokes. 2nd choice would be some kind of Monster/Monster Fighters movie.

  25. Joel Baldwin

    Lego Classic Space would be a blast. Benny could come along and bring all of his red, yellow, white cousins. They could battle Blacktron.

  26. Jonathan E

    I’m going to go with neo-classical space. I had an old comic book featuring Jack the Lego Maniac from back in the day – where he encounters Blacktron, Space Police, Ice Planet 3000 – etc. Was actually a pretty good story, and I loved it. Would love to see that return :)

  27. Arthur Grygoryan

    I think we need to see a Lego City Heist movie. Ocean’s 11,12,13,etc in Lego form yeah! Imagine the pop culture references.

  28. Colin Greening

    I think a movie based off of the Adventurers theme would be pretty cool! We already know Johnny Thunder is part of the LCU, and it would be a great storyline to revisit/revamp!

  29. Darth Shlomo

    Wow! Thanks for doing this guys! :)
    I have a few movies I’d love to see…

    A LEGO Adventurers movie would be super awesome! It could be Indiana Jones-esqu, with a few different locations and bad guys! I think that would make a super cool movie and theme reboot! It would also give LEGO an oppurtunity to slightly update some of the old Minifigures! Like they did with Johnny Thunder in The Super Secret Police Dropship! Just touch-up some of the printing, maybe add some back printing, and the modern eyes.

    I would also love to see a Power Miners movie because I love that theme so much and I grew up with all the sets and characters! It could be pretty cool I think, I don’t know how exciting it could be plot-wise but I’m sure they could incorporate the Lava wave stuff. But just imagine the Rock Monsters moving LEGO Movie style!

    As many people have probably already said, a LEGO Space movie would be excellent!!! With a bunch of different space themes like Classic Space, Space Police I, II & III, Life on Mars, Mars Mission, Blacktron, Alien Conquest, M-Tron, etc. I think it has so much potential! And imagine all the Space theme cameos they could shove in! Maybe even some cameos from licenses LEGO never actually made sets for like in The LEGO Batman movie! Plus we’d finally get a new Space Theme.

    I think Time Cruisers would make a fun movie! Where they travel around all the different themes and stuff! That’d be awesome, but sadly not very likely seeing as the theme is very short-lived, obscure and old…

    A Monster Fighters movie could also be interesting… for Halloween!

    And Agents/Ultra Agents totally has potential!


  30. Joe Wygocki

    City would be cool. Figure other than DC, they probably aren’t looking to do any licensed properties like Star Wars or Marvel…

  31. joadavissuse

    My first vote is for Johnny Thunder/Egyptian theme, because I can’t get enough Egyptian LEGO. ExoForce would be a close second, and I’d enjoy classic Space or Castle.

  32. Mark Anderson

    I vote for a Technic movie, where every scene is filled with practical models and moving parts galore!

  33. Jon Steffan

    Indian Jones. The originals are classic. Could be tricky, but done the right way, this would be a way to continue the story line outside of live action (most actors too old) or rebooting with new actors. So much potential and would be so cool.

  34. Thomas Wisdom

    It’s been said, yeah, but I’d love a LEGO Space movie – specifically, Space Police III. A sci-fi LEGO buddy cop movie, plus an excuse to bring back classic villains like Ogel and Blacktron? Yes please!

  35. A C

    My kids would appreciate Star Wars LEGO movies. The Ninjago movie will likely be their first in-theater experience…

  36. johnsnyder002

    I would love to see either a Rock Raiders movie, or an Alpha Team/Agents movie. I think both have strong potential with story-lines, as well as lots of good action possibilities.

  37. Jared B. Gilbert

    Monster Fighters. Scooby-Doo sort of fits the bill but it would be nice for a funny/scary combination with no licenses. And with the swamp monster sounding like he did in the Lego Movie-there would be a lot of differences from the monsters we thought we knew!

  38. Jared Christian Hansen

    Bionicle should really get a movie. It would be a good way to tell the story to a bigger audience, bring out cool sets, and give it the media treatment it deserves.

  39. Matthew Vanderspek

    I would like to see throwback movie of all the old cancelled themes like Bionicle Pirates etc. This would be awesome because some older viewers have some old Lego themes they remember having a kid. This can even go back to the old studio sets and even Harry Potter.

  40. Timothy

    I would love to see a bionicle movie, but I don’t think it would appeal to everyone. something classic like space or castle would be epic too

  41. SnowmanZombie

    A Classic Space movie starring Benny would be so great! It would tie in so nicely to the other movies, and I think Benny is a good enough character to deserve a stand-alone.

  42. bernieblogtest

    I would love to see a Lego Indiana Jones or a Lego Disney movie with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. My family really wants to see Lego Ninjago.

  43. Will Kane

    Its high time Lego revived the old Wild West theme, it hasn’t gotten any real love in 20 years. The Lone Ranger doesn’t count.

  44. John Jay

    Lego Pirates and Treasure Islanders, involving a romance between a pirate and a hot islander – and then have them be warped to another dimensions involving the Lego Medieval characters!

  45. Scott Danielson

    How about a Lego Ideas theme. Takes place on Earth, Sci/Fi in plot, is kind of scientifically grounded. Incorporate some of the STEM and Robotics/Technics themes. Some kind of cross between Back to the Future and My Science Project.

  46. brickwaters

    I would love to see a LEGO Indiana Jones movie. I love the Lego Indiana Jones video games and think there’s a lot of potential for it. Plus it would me more Indy sets from LEGO.

  47. Cody Purviance

    I would really like to see an Exo-Force movie. It was my favorite theme growing up and i would love a revival of good mechs. (Though some of the Ninjago Movie mechs remind me of Exo-Force’s glory)

  48. Jay

    Hmmm – I’m partial to the licensed properties. The Hulk sleuthing it up in a case of mistaken identity? Also feel that Wild West or Medieval could hold their own… All kids (I feel) love knights and cowboys. Good luck everyone!

  49. Jeff R.

    My kids have always been Ninjago freaks. The pairing of the show with the Lego Movie universe will really excite them.

  50. Steve T

    LEGO Pirate, but specifically a stand alone Metal Beard story. It could incorporate all the sets and include other piratey characters for him to play off of.

  51. James B

    I like the Elves sets, so I would love to see a movie or additional sets from this theme. My youngest daughter really loves them, so it would be awesome to see more of them.

  52. Keith R Kepler

    The Lego Indiana Jones would be epic! Plenty of video game assets already built i suppose so it could be the easier choice.

  53. Chris Landon

    Although Classic Space would be awesome with some Bionicle thrown in to give it an Alien flavor or even a 90’s wild west theme with Clint Eastwood and John Wayne minifigs, I’d love to see a police drama done in the flavor of Hot Fuzz with the Lego City theme. Instead of going to a British town in the country, set it in the woods with the Lego City Forest theme.

  54. General Magma

    The LEGO Adventurers Movie – starring the one and only Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy and Pippin Reed! The main villains? Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister. It could make fun of certain adventure movie-tropes and explore a wide variety of Adventurers-themes. It could even give them a reason to give us a revamped LEGO Adventurers theme featuring all of the featuring Adventurers sub-themes from the old days! Johnny Thunder traveling to the Egyptian desert where pyramids hide the presence of ancient mummies, the Amazon jungle where Johnny makes friends with the Aztec-inspired natives, the snowy arctic regions, a few hints of Dino Island at the very least and perhaps even an Asian setting where some old ninja-theme (as well as Orient Expedition) references are made. Perhaps they could even add in a couple of historical preludes to NinjaGO or something of that ilk. (Young Sensei Wu, anyone?)

    This could make for an amazing movie about Johnny Thunder and could give us great new Adventurers sets – one of the first true LEGO System theme-revamps, bringing back old-time fans and new fans together with a single hit movie starring our Australian LEGO adventurer handling things a whole lot brickier than Indiana Jones.

  55. Kelli

    I would love to see some lego movies from the older ones we used to play with. The cool space ships & pirates. Maybe mix it up with the friends legos too.

  56. Erick Detweiler

    Exo-Force is and always will be my favorite theme. In my opinion, the more movies made about giant mecha suits fighting each other the better.

  57. Caleb Angel

    I’d really love to see LEGO Marvel Super Heroes get this treatment but it’ll never happen, since Warner Bros. is the one who produces and distributes these LEGO movies and Disney owns the rights to Marvel. However, I think LEGO Harry Potter or LEGO Dimensions would be great themes for these CGI style movies. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  58. Matthew

    Lord of the Rings! I’d love to see some of that fun-loving LEGO levity brought to the Tolkien universe. And an official motorcycle set for Gandalf (a la 70808) would be amazing!

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