An elegant room from a more civilized age

Any gentleman needs a place to do his paperwork and this fancy room built by Ryan Howerter looks just about pefrect. Though simple at first glance due to plain walls, a few seconds of looking at the creation reveals an incredibly intricate floor, which is at least 3, but probably 4 studs deep. It is made of brown bars set between sand green tiles stackedsideways, with dark green tiles in the middle.

Andrew Johnson

In the description, Ryan says he is not a fan of the minifigure per se, but he was happy for any excuse to built apropriately scaled furniture – and he designed it very well indeed! The chair is made out of plant elements, pneumatic tubing and similar fine detail pieces, and the ink bottle on the table is an especially interesting part use, although on the border of purism – a carefully cut piece of a ribbed hose.