TBB cover photo: August 2017

Summer (if you live in the Northern hemisphere) is movie blockbuster season, and it’s already turning out to be a good one! What better choice for our August cover photo than this beautifully decked out retro movie theater façade by RVA LUG, which comes complete with LEGO-themed posters and is illuminated using 260 lights.

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1 comment on “TBB cover photo: August 2017

  1. Izzi Rust

    Who can deny the incredible skills in this build… the construction, aesthetics, wiring, and that it’s a scale model of a local landmark. I’ve seen it, and gotten to look in all the nooks and crannies, and I hope that one day I can build a model that is as tight as that.

    I also applaud the builder on being recognized and blogged on BrickNerd and the Brothers Brick. Cover photo on the month of BrickFair VA??? In my world, that’s a pretty epic win. Whoot!

    But seeing as how this has gone so public, I would like to comment on the side of this that Isn’t the same gold standard.

    RVALUG is not some shared experience beyond meeting in a library every 3rd Saturday. RVALUG, as you guys are being presented, is just one dude. Granted, it’s one of the founding members of this iteration of the local lug, but nonetheless, just one dude.

    Managing, and resurrecting, a lug is no small feat. Setting up an online presence, posting content, finding gigs… All that takes alot of work, and alot of heart. But being the person to blaze the trail on a community group doesn’t make that person the group.

    I’m told that the builder formerly known as DRDesigns that he’s only trying to gain recognition for “our” lug. But the fact remains that even after the issue was addressed, RVALUG as it is represented on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Flickr is comprised completely of one man’s diary, and is only accessible by him.

    If you think that sounds bitter and personal, you are right. But I’m also trying to intelligently express what I personally think is a legitimate point.

    And this is not an attempt at a character assassination, because I’m telling you, this guy has been one of the best friends I ever had. We’re talking instances of some stuff that is way beyond the call of duty. Dude pulled me out of a figurative fire once.

    To me, there’s just this one thing. And despite the explanation, the total awesomeness of this builder that has inspired and pushed me to want to build bigger since I met him…. I feel like this kinda speaks for itself. To me, it seems very much like it’s a one man show. To me… it feels kinda jacked up, even though everything else about this dude is role model material.

    And before I sign off, let’s take a look at this wordy poster. Dudes and dudettes, I’m a super hot mess. An emotional train wreck of epic proportions, and someone who is makes it really hard to be friends with. Like a walking raw nerve.

    But if I am a raw nerve, somehow Lego is the balm. And know that even if I posted builds, I’m not the builder you will see posted here. Unless there is an upcoming spotlight for troll of the week. Year. Ever.?

    Through my own emotional infantilism, I have ousted myself from the lug, probably from my friends, and maybe the hobby. That’s my crap.

    But dude… builder formerly known as DRDesigns… get your own builder name, man. Call yourself Mr. Anonymous. But don’t bogart. I might be wrong, but I feel a LUG should be a group thing, not your own personal brand.

    Yes, my feelings were hurt. This might seem like petty shitty lashing out…

    But I swear I think it’s legitimate, and a problem. And the only off thing about one of the coolest dudes I thought I knew.

    Besides, scroll up to that build, man… you should be proud as hell to have people know who the F#/= you are.

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