Watch the first teaser trailer for Brick MADNESS [Video]

Back in 2012, filmmaker Justin McAleece used Bricks by the Bay as a background to film scenes for his independent film Brick Madness. Five years later, the director has shared the first official teaser trailer for the mockumentary, which is scheduled to premiere publically in September.

Brick MADNESS teaser trailer from Blare Media on Vimeo.

One of the really cool real-life aspects of the movie is that Carl Merriam designed many of the models used by the actors in the movie back during filming, and now Carl works full-time as a set designer in Billund.

3 comments on “Watch the first teaser trailer for Brick MADNESS [Video]

  1. Zsebora

    This is a fantastic teaser! I can’t wait for the full trailer. So stoked, the idea here is brilliant… Legos rule!!

  2. Debbie

    I’m surprised a movie like this hasn’t already been done. Looking forward to this.

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