This LEGO Zoid is much bigger than it seems

While LEGO builds based on Zoids have been done in the past, it’s still awesome to see them, especially at a large scale. This Blade Liger by d’ Qiu Brick is deceptively presented in these pictures, as it’s much bigger than the first time you glance at it. Focus on the rather large orange windscreen in the middle of the head to get a sense of scale. Yeah, this thing is huge.

Blade Liger

Individual parts usage doesn’t suffer at this huge scale, with simple but effective building going on everywhere. The segmented areas on the legs and head are really pleasing to look at, and the large blocky proportions give it that robotic feel to mix in with the clearly animal form. Make sure you spend some time on the builder’s photostream for more angles of this build.

Blade Liger

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