Saw Gerrera’s guerrillas snatch some kyber crystals

The Jedha ambush scene in Rogue One has proven to be a popular subject for LEGO Star Wars builders, with some excellent scenes by builders such as Dunedain98 and Graham Gidman. Now, German builder Boba-1980 has built a rather substantial version of this pivotal scene, with uniquely “Star Wars-y” buildings surrounding the action in the square itself.

Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square

My favorite building is the one left of the arch with the balcony, populated by some ill-fated partisans. The builder has achieved the curve of the balconies by combining 1×1 round bricks with regular bricks.

Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-5

There are realistic details throughout the diorama, including inset sections of walls that look like sections of plaster have flaked off in the ancient city.

Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-4