The garden of earthly colors

Each LEGO builder has their own niche within the hobby, and TBB’s own Elspeth De Montes has found hers in an affinity for LEGO colors. She’s taken up collecting certain elements in as many colors as she can find, and she’s designed this lovely little garden, cleverly incorporating a few varieties of them more organic-looking elements in their full spectrums. Some, like the ferns, have only appeared in three shades so far, while others, like the 1×1 flowers come in a great number.

Elsie's Colourtastic Garden (1)

3 comments on “The garden of earthly colors

  1. Purple Dave

    I see you did get your hands on one of the trans-clear flower plates. Does that mean you managed to track down all of the colors you were missing? As I recall, there were some colors listed for sale that were highly questionable, but someone was claiming that at least one of them was legitimate, if super rare.

  2. Purple Dave

    I’ve actually got white want-listed with notifications, and I can’t remember why I did that (for some reason, I neglected to add any notes to the listing). I can think of two possibilities, but either way it was long enough ago that I was actually confused about why I suddenly started getting notifications. I can definitely use them, though, so I’m glad they did produce them. It might ease up on my supply of trans-clear ones. Of my initial purchase, I’ve only got 13 left (the majority were used in a single MOC), and I can’t find the second batch that I bought. Of the two major uses I’ve put them to, one only works with trans-clear, but thankfully it’s a one-time build. The other looks best in trans-clear, but white is one of the handful of other colors that would also work, so if they’re in production right now I should probably stock up while I’ve got the opportunity.

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