Stand by for... Gundamfall?

I love LEGO mecha, and this one by Caleb L does not disappoint. The Aardwolf III main combat system is inspired by the Gundam Model mecha, with its human-like proportions, long and straight legs, and simple color blocking. I like the use of custom stickers to add extra detail and realism.

MCS-022A "Aardwolf III" Main Combat System

Caleb has even managed to fit a minifgure inside the chest area. I love it when builders do this – it looks great while adding some functionality to the build.

MCS-022A "Aardwolf III" Main Combat System

4 comments on “Stand by for... Gundamfall?

  1. H pidy

    OMG i would to have some sort of directions, just for the that looks like a nemo/gm3

  2. Peter Post author

    @caleb l. No prob, it’s a great build! Yeah, I can’t fix it but I have notified the editors. :-/

    @H pidy you’ll have to ask the builder about that, you should try and build your own! I bet you could if you tried.

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