First rule of space exploration: Avoid the giant honeycomb structures

Mark Erickson is most well known for his castle scenes, but recently his builds in clearly superior sci-fi themes have been showing up some of the most experienced science fiction specialists. I love the facial expressions Mark has chosen for each of these intrepid explorers. The foremost astronaut — Captain Simon Lou — seems to be smiling nervously as he tries to persuade the Bug Beings that they mean them no harm, while the white astronaut seems to be yelling “I told you this wasn’t the right way!”.

Beware the Bug-Beings of Mirphak 2

The use of the red buckets in the honeycomb structures is perfect, and to top off this scene Mark has used a mist machine to create an eerie atmosphere. This build is another entry to the ABS Builder Challenge, so check out the Flickr group to see more builds using the red bucket seed part.